Busted Shovel Birdhouse Company - General Store Votive Candles

China Rose
Tea Rose - Melon - Lime
Comming Soon

Berry Happy
Strawberry Lemonade
Comming Soon

Blue Spruce
Spruce - Berry

Fiddle Fern
Rose - Amber - Balsam

Fried Green Tomato
Melon - Peach
Comming Soon

Ginger Almond
Hawaiian Ginger Flower
Comming Soon

Homeward Bound

Haya Honey

Comming Soon

Italian Cream
HawButter - vanilla - coconut
Comming Soon

Marmalade - Moca

Comming Soon

Linden Leaf
Linden Tree Floral

Traditional Orange Spice
Comming Soon

Butter - Vanilla - Cinnamon
Comming Soon

Ocean of Grass
Fresh Grass - Bay Leaf
Comming Soon

Ooh La La
Amaretto Cream Almond

Pango Pango
Mango - Papaya - Pinapple

Patunia Poppy
Carnation - California Poppy

Plains Coreopsis
Gardinia - Daisy

Comming Soon

Pomegranate - Orange - Cranberry

Pumpkin Giving
Nutmeg - Spice - Cinnamon

Quemada Pinon
Salt Cedar - Pinon Pine

Raisin Berry
Hint of Raspberry
Comming Soon

Orange - Melon

Sea Lavender
Lavender - Sweet Pine

Sleeping on Snow
Baby Power - Tahitian Vanilla
Comming Soon

Daisy - Freesia
Comming Soon

Snow Mint

Spice Island
Spice - Cinnamon
Comming Soon

Sweet Lime
Keylime - Vanilla Extract

Comming Soon

Melon - Lime - Peach
Comming Soon

Classic Orange - Vanilla

Tickled Pink
mimosa - kiwi

Tiger Lilly
Citron - Amber - Lemon

Comming Soon

Thistle Verde'
Clean Herbal Sage

Comming Soon

Twist & Spice
Marmalade - Pometini

Vanille De Tahiti
Vanille Extract - Raw Suger

Water Lily
Violet - Bamboo- Primrose

Wee & The Bee
Tuberose - Hawaiian Ginger

We are receiving new candles in the store and they are flying off the shelves. With this opening success, we figured we had better get them available to you. Just click on an image for details.

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